We believe that a solid working process and frequent communication are essential to completing successful projects. The following outlines the basic steps we take when completing a combined brand identity and web design project.


• We will discuss project with you to ensure we fully understand your design requirements, budget, and timeframe.
• After you approve the project quote, we will sign a design agreement to lock in the terms. The terms include a deliverable list, payment schedule.
• We will develop your brand identity before completing your website.


• We begin by developing a mood board. The mood board is an arrangement of carefully chosen images, colors, and typefaces that illustrate a particular design direction. The finalized mood board will influence the overall look and feel of your visual identity.
• After we finalize your brand colors and typography we will present different logo concepts to choose from. We will further refine the chosen concept into your finalized logo.
• If applicable, we will then work on any supporting collateral designs such as business cards and letterhead.


• We will work with you to ensure your website’s structure and content will engage your audience.
• We will edit or write your copy. We will also edit and optimize your website images.
• We will create wireframes which diagram where content will go on each page. We bring these wireframes to life by either customizing a premium WordPress theme or building a custom WordPress theme that meets your specific needs.


• After we finish optimizing and testing the site, we will request your review and feedback. We will launch the approved finalized website on your website hosting account.
• During the WordPress training we will teach you how to make updates to each web page. We provide a customized PDF guide for future reference.
• We also provide technical support to answer questions and resolve issues.

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